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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

lolslols. so long nvr update. ps lahhs. exams period XD. Science was soooooooooo difficult. )); i find maths and el th easiest. hehe. although my maths got a careless mistake liao. but at least i noe it was out of carelessness. mt ppr was so quite hard la. now kinda looking forward to hmt ppr.lols. mt compo was superb! XDD haixx. now kinda worried oso. cai lao shi say until our class do so badly fer mt lorh. talking abt teachers, i wish all t'chers HAPPY TEACHERS DAY! ((;


yesterday celebrated teacher day. th concert was quite nice((; aft sch alot of seniors came bck to epps. lols. saw a few familiar faces around. they dun seem to have grown dhat much honestly XD still look th same. height maybe slightly bahhs. not much difference. haixxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. saw jiee! ((; her hair so long liaox. hehe...


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