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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

hellozxc. ((; having fun during mt lesson today. cai lao shi nvr come. got some sortta relief tcher. -.- she's weirddddddddddddddddddddddd. lol. she warned me to stop talking if nt nidda switch place. hehe. in th end, Glenn switch place la. luckily i dunnid to switch. i wanna talk((; today wrote two ppl profile book... was it two? or three? lols..... so bored now. juz did hw. tmr cai lao shi come bck muz point it out dhat she neglet us fer one day.hehe... dhen th relief tcher was saying: bu2 yao4 yi3 wei2 cai lao shi mei2 lai2 jiu4 ke2 yi2 fang4 jia4! hang min was whispering to me: xian4 zai4 cai2 shi4 kai1 gong1 ah, cai lao shi zai4 shi4 fang4 jia4! hahas. but its true luh. too much freeeeeeee-dom. ((; bye.

9:15 PM