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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

LOL... received mre presents yesterdae n todae. thx agn fer those who gave me pressies (: today went to watch 2 shows. i watched 'Night At The Musuem 2' n 'Monsters vs Aliens' haha. both oso funny.dhen was lyk walking around Vivo city.Dhen my aunt bought me smth(secret). [: Dhen waited fer my uncle to pick us up. At th carpark, guess who i saw. saw Ou Xuan walking in. lolx. Yay!!!! Aft competition can stay at my Aunt's hs fer a week. ^^ Actually, todae my godparents wan have dinner with me de..... Dhen another of my aunt oso..... Diao... i rejected. lyk so bad lydat. bye.

~ my b'd day~

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