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Saturday, June 6, 2009

hiee! juz came bck. (: In my grp(competiton grp) got 23 ppl. most of them are malaysians. Th highest scorer is 240/300. i got 236.95/300...... Less dhen 3 marks diff hor... got 7 ppl in between leh -.- N th second judge is bias one. Th first judge is pro.=) last judge iz generous de!!! muahahaha... th first judge gave me 79.45/100 second judge gave me 78.1/100 onli third judge gave me 79.4/100. Will choose 11 ppl to get in semi-finals. i in top 8... so shld be get in. but malaysians vry gd... (: got 1 girl i idolise her. she vry gd.... she got 239.4/300! LOL. Only 3 singaporeans which consists of me n my fwens in top 11 leh. th rest malaysians. Bye~

3:49 PM