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Sunday, June 28, 2009

HELLO PPL. feeling quite happy ((: yesterday went to Kovan to watch th Kovan superstar semi-finals singing competition. My fwens din get into finals. OOOOOOO n Mavis Li went and sang!!!! She sing sooooo gd lorh!! i next yr wanna join. so stupid lorh i underage if nt i this yr join liaox(:
. N fer th cruise competition i rly get in semi-finals. onli 4 s'porean get in...... got 21 malaysians get in lehx! unfair de lorh. tmr sch re-open lerh. so Sian. Bye bye ;D

~! finally got new waterbottle, AGAIN! one off my wishlist (:~ Lolx third time i chnge water bottle dhis yr.

4:05 PM