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Sunday, June 14, 2009

HELLO(: juz came bck frm th concert...^^ quite fun larh. but th rm inside vry colddddd... i wear jacket smemore cold. hehe....... took a few pics lorh. go belcanto's bloq n see maybe lao shi got upload piccsssz. i wore belcanto's T-shirt. every1 wear dhat la. i did th make-up on my own(: Played cards there while waiting. ohya yesterday funny lorh. Dhe person on 1003fm called say dhat they wan me go sing agn. Dhen my mum say i nvr even go fer dhe audition hw to enter semi finals???? dhen he say maybe call wrong lorh. but cant be. he looking fer me n call my num. wer got so coincidence. -.-''' TAGGGG pls (:nth to say lerh... byebye[:

9:06 PM